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VYC at WTM Future TecDay 2024

Future Day at the DHBW for Viticulture and Fruit Growing

November 20, 2023, Edesheim

Advantage through technology? How technical solutions can help make viticulture and subsequent value creation stages in the industry more ecological and economical.

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Exactly our topic - on January 10, 2024, the DHBW, Weinsberg invites you to the Future TecDay and we are looking forward to being there as speakers on that day.

Marcel Sambale-Lergenmüller, Managing Director of Vineyard Cloud GmbH, will give an insight into the advantages of digitalization in the vineyard in his lecture. What practical benefits does digitalization have for work in the vineyard and all the steps afterwards?

The specialist conference invites those interested to the Weinsberg location for exchange and discussion. Will we meet there?


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