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Image by Zac Edmonds
VYC for contractors digital administration and appointment management for harvester drivers. Create delivery bills easily

For contractors

Utilize machines profitably with VYC Con

Creating delivery bills, fast routes, uncomplicated schedule management, simple user interface - all this makes VYC Con a digital all-rounder for contractors. Specially developed for viticulture.

Schedule management with VYC Con for harvesting contractors - digitize tasks.


on call,

hectic during harvesting period -


with VYC Con you can keep track of everything.



Optimize your routes, assign open orders and see which machines are currently in use.

Maximized networking with VYC Con for contractors

for iOS, Android as well as in browsers

Easy to use

Billing accurate to the minute or meter

works also in offline mode

Collaboration in realtime

Highly connected


The most successful winemakers trust in VYC

Happy clients